Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap

Some cool things happened this weekend:


Heads up play from Kidd
(Photo from Yahoo)
  • The first four games of the night went to overtime. NYK beat WAS 118-116, CLE beat TOR 126-118, DAL beat ATL 111-103, and CHI beat POR 115-111. Dallas had one of those points that got them to overtime from a technical foul on Hawks' coach Mike Woodson for being on the floor. Jason Kidd saw this, and dribbled right to him, bumped into him, and was like "WTF?! REF!!!" Refs replayed it on their video screens, called the technical, Dirk made the FT, and on the next trip, Jason Kidd hit an open 3 pointer. Here's the video:

Oh he also had a monster triple double: 19/16/17, so close to one of my coveted stat lines of 20/20/20. (My all time covet is the 5x5).
  • In my mini watch of Baron Davis vs. Steve Blake on the Clippers- Phoenix trounced the Clippers 125-112. I did not watch this game.
Blake: 0 points on 0-2 shooting, 9 assists, 25 minutes, +/- of -4.
Davis: 13 points on 5-13 shooting, 8 assists, 37 minutes, +/- of -18.
But again, I did not watch this game. Plus Kaman got thrown out of the game at the start of the 2nd half and Robin Lopez of all people scored 30 on 13-16 shooting.

Are people serious when they say Kendrick Perkins could be DPOY?
(Photo from Yahoo)
  • First things first, the Nets beat the Celtics. Celtics didn't have Paul Pierce but the Celtics were taking some long shots while the Nets kept pounding it in. "These games aren't played on paper, ya hear!?" KG has 2 more years on his contract after this season, by the way. $16.4 mil this season, $18.8 next, $21.2 after that.
  • Without Dwyane Wade, the Heat suck. They lost to Milwaukee 94-71 including a 12 point 3rd quarter and a 14 point 4th. The team had 9 assists. Wade averages 6.
  • Another loss for the Darko experiment brings Minnesota to 1-4 when he plays. But they're not that good anyway. Darko had 4 points, 4 rebounds, 3 blocks... but 6 fouls awww.
  • 5 games into the T-Mac era for the Knicks and the knee problems arise. T-Mac (nicknamed Knee-Mac) had to pull himself out after playing 15 minutes due to a sore left knee. Look, I want to cheer for T-Mac, I honestly do. I want him to play well and get out of the first round of the playoffs, but the knees man. After all this time after surgery... Fun fact, he's the highest paid player in the league this year ($23.2 million), more than 2nd ranked Kobe ($23 million).

Kobe wants to high 5 while Artest wants to pound fists, hehe
(Photo from Yahoo)
  • Lakers finally won a game against Denver this season, butttt that 6th foul on Carmelo was kind of questionable. It was an offensive foul where some of Melo's elbow clipped Artest in the face, but he was getting away with some fouls before that. Artest played great. Fisher didn't play that much due to foul trouble and Farmar and Brown did just an enough to let Billups have an average day (17/5/4). See my post about PGs going off on the Lakers and how it translates to wins. Today, average day for Billups, Lakers win. Lamar for 6th man?
  • The Nets came back down to earth, losing to the Wizards after beating the Celts. And Al Thornton is balling for the Wizards averaging 15 points and 5 rebounds. I like when players see a new team as a new opportunity to play well. Thornton's doing it. I bet his defense is still suspect though.
  • Darren Collison's numbers double when he starts. But the Hornets still lost to the Mavs even after 35 points from Collison. Al Thornton's cousin, Marcus Thornton is also balling this season averaging 12/3 for the Hornets an scored 21 tonight. A good day for the Thorntons, indeed!
  • Again, in my mini watch of Steve Blake vs Baron Davis as PG for the Clippers: Last week, Steve Blake started against the Kings and the Clippers won. Tonight in Sacramento, he played 13 minutes and the Clippers lost. I did not watch the game. So there that is.
  • Shaq will be out for the rest of the season and is reported to be back by the time playoffs start. Does this mean he WILL be back by the time playoffs start? Of course not, we've seen plenty of time tables be way off. So they just need to hope he's back if they end up playing the Orlando Magic, which they probably will, in the eastern conference finals after Orlando beats Atlanta and Cleveland beats Boston (or whoever beats Boston).


KneeJerkNBA said...

I hope Shaq gets back in time. Like most fans, I really want to see a Lakers/Cavs Finals with everyone full strength.

Alex Garcia said...

Yes! Lakers/Cavs finals! The story lines are endless. sweet was that JKidd play? Almost as sweet as the Nets beating the Celtics. In Boston.

ReadBetweenTheBaselines said...

I know what you mean, I hate the what-ifs of the NBA, get everyone at full strength and may the best team win.

And the JKidd play was nice, and I like how he had no problem admitting he was ran into him on purpose after the game!