Monday, March 29, 2010

The List of All NBA Teams' Punchline Names

This is a just for fun post

But maybe you remember a time when you got into a flame war on a message board or a youtube video and couldn't come up with a punchline name for a team you hated on. Well here's a list of every team and their current (and just now made up by me- if you have a better one, let me hear it!) nick names to make fun of said team. Have fun and stay safe out there.

Los Angeles Lakers - Los Angeles Fakers
Boston Celtics - Boston ticks or Celdicks
Milwaukee Bucks - Milwaukee Sucks
New JerseyNets - New Jersey Nyets - as of 2009 and new Russian owner
Toronto Raptors - Toronto Craptors
Chicago Bulls - Chicago Bullshits
Indiana Pacers - Indiana Pacemakers
Orlando Magic - Orlando Tragic
Washington Wizards - Washington Whizzers, Washington Generals
Sacramento Kings - Sacramento Queens (I believe Shaq came up with this)
New York Knicks - New York Bricks, the Knickerfockers
Philadelphia 76ers - Philadelphia Seventy Sucksers
Cleveland Cavaliers - Cleveland Crabaliers/Traveliers (Lebron's crab walk)
Detroit Pistons - Detroit Pissed-ons
Atlanta Hawks - Atlanta Chicken Pox
Miami Heat - Miami Shit (stretch that I to and E)
Houston Rockets - Houston Rockshits
Memphis Grizzlies - Memphis Sissies
San Antonio Spurs - San Antonio Turds
Denver Nuggets - Denver Thuggets (via Mark Cuban)
Oklahoma Thunder - Oklahoma Blunder, Super Stolens (Via KneeJerkNba)
Portland TrailBlazers - Portland JailBlazers, Treeblazers
Utah Jazz - Utah Spazz
Los Angeles Clippers - Los Angeles Paperclips
Dallas Mavericks - Dallas Mavpricks, Mavwrecks (Via DDC much more clever)
Phoenix Suns - Phoenix Run n Guns
Charlotte Bobcats - Charlotte BobCraps
New Orleans Hornets - New Orleans Whorenets
Minnesota Timberwolves - Minnesota Timberblows
Golden State Warriors - Golden State Whore-eors

P.S. Regarding the Lakers nickname of the Fakers, what does that even mean? Did they win fake championships 2000-2002 and 2009. Did they make it to 30 fake finals? Or is it just me?

The best ones are the Sacramento Queens, Cleveland Crabaliers, and the Portland Treeblazers



I've never heard Whorenets before but I'm strangely intrigued.

And I would be remiss if I didn't submit the SuperStolens for consideration.

ReadBetweenTheBaselines said...

Duly noted! Post updated

Anonymous said...

How about New York Nix?

DDC said...

I got another for the Mavericks - The Mavwrecks

ReadBetweenTheBaselines said...

DDC, I like it

Anonymous said...

Philaderlphia 69ers
LA rapers
Miami Cheat
San Antonio Sperms
NY Knickerf*ckers
Milwaukee f*cks
Boston Celdicks
OKC plunder former superstolen
Utah Jizz