Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tweets From The Past Two Weeks

Just in case you're interested in what our NBA players are up to but don't want to be a twitterer. Here you go!

Dnt y'all hate when people close to u lie? I knw I do #wordaapp but it's life so forgive them #wordaapp (Nate Robinson) [Nate's fortune cookie tweet]

Night people!!! Watching the old school Family Matters...I love Steve's pants! i may do that one day to the game!? (DeAndre Jordan) [I hope I'm at that game]

SHUTTER ISLAND. Womp womp enough said... (Dwyane Wade) [I don't care, I'm still going to see it]

Im off this twitter thing for a while..some of yall say sum of the most ignorant, hateful ill holla (Kevin Durant) [cyber bullying?]

going into surgery today on my thumb, will be out for a min but when I return it is on, win da ring for da king! Luv my team, Cavs baby! (Shaq) [let's hope he's right]

This aint the same Jerry Springer show I used to watch with my Grandpa! Smh its crazy now (Rudy Gay) [Ah family memories]

Man we had that game! We played well tho. Despite the loss it was a gr8 way to start the roadtrip. On the way to Orlando now. Back to back! (Stephen Curry) [well I guess that's how the Golden State Warriors measure success]

My baby pic Goodnight folks Ps My son asked my wife was that him:) (Ron Artest) - [Really funny young pic of Ron]

Man I'm soo bored tha mall was weak I'm chillin in my room watch celeb rehab sheeesh I feel bad for these people (Austin Daye) - [hahahhaha]

Just saw like 50 cop cars!!! On the 405, what's going on?! (DeAndre Jordan) [DEANDRE! GET OFF TWITTER WHEN YOU'RE DRIVING]


KneeJerkNBA said...

Steph Curry's an optimist! Must be hard in GS these days.

KneeJerkNBA said...

Gave you a shout out on my Celtics 17 blog, btw: