Monday, June 7, 2010

These Finals are less epic than the Lost Finale

These. Refs. Suck.
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We haven't even seen the Lakers vs. Celtics yet. What is up with that?

In Game 1, Lamar Odom and Ray Allen got called for some BS fouls. The Celtics were more hurt than this, losing their best shooter who can spread the floor. The Lakers didn't really lose Lamar but they definitely lost some free throws. Ray Allen played 27 minutes but that's really about 20 minutes of REAL time. That extra 7 minutes was played when the game was pretty much decided with the Lakers up by about 13-15 points. Allen could not get into a rhythm (12 points on 3-8 shooting, no 3 pointers), like he was able to do so in game 2 (32 points on 11-20 shooting, 8-11 3 pointers).

But just because Ray Allen wasn't saddled with foul problems in game 2 didn't make it any better. Sure the Celtics shot a lot of 3 pointers (not driving to the lane to get fouls and free throw attempts), but anytime they did, they weren't getting the bump fouls the Lakers were getting. Forget the free throw disparity, just watch the 4th quarter.

But hey, the Celtics still won, thanks to those Ray Allen 3 pointers... but also thanks to two phantom fouls (ala Ray Allen in game 1) on Kobe Bryant. The first was when Kobe drives the lane, being guarded by Ray Allen. Kobe does a spin move to avoid contact, but Ray Allen does an outstanding flop job to get the ref to call an offensive foul on Kobe. The second was when Rajon Rondo cleanly steals the ball from Kobe near the right sideline around the free throw line extended. Kobe jumps back to avoid contact, but Rondo still falls out of bounds, and Kobe gets called for the foul.

Kobe is forced to sit during stretches where he'd usually play. Final stat line: 34 minutes, 5 fouls, 21 points.

Hey, I'll flat out say it, I'm a Laker fan and want the Lakers to win. But I also want to see some effing good basketball, not Sasha Vujacic guarding Ray Allen instead of foul plagued Kobe (game 2) or Tony Allen go 1-4 in place of a foul plagued Ray Allen (game 1). This series is annoying. This series is bad. This series is quite literally, less epic than the Lost Finale. Greatest rivalry of all time? They haven't even played a game against each other, yet.

Other things of note:
  • Lakers wasted a 39 minute game by Andrew Bynum (21 points and 7 blocks), I doubt we'll see that again.
  • Ray Allen goes through screen after screen and no one steps out on him and little Derek Fisher has to be hit by KG and Perkins before getting a hand up when the ball is already well on it's way to the bottom of the basket. That's all defensive communication (or a lack thereof). Pau points out to Bynum at least twice a game so far to step out on him as he runs the baseline to go through that last screen by Perkins. Young player syndrome. And by the way, this happened in the first round. Kevin Durant going through screen after screen and having Ron Artest get to him too late, while Lamar and Bynum stand by watching instead of stepping out on him. So annoying.
  • Nate Robinson is doing a great job filling in for Rondo off the bench. Knows his role. Hindsight: good trade for the Celtics.
  • I don't know who takes worse shots: Ron Artest or Shannon Brown. Just keep an eye out for that tomorrow. Watch Shannon dribble dribble dribble and pull up for a fade away long two pointers. Regardless of it going in or not, it's still a bad shot.
  • Boston Sucks chants need to stop. It's not that creative. Not that Beat LA is any better.

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I've got a feeling that the refs are gonna take it easy from here on out. They've been roundly criticized by fans from both teams. I bet the series gets much more heated and physical, too. Sweet.